Planning 5/7/21

Class: Mice Year: 2020 - 2021

PSED Discuss how some changes happen naturally and other changes are planned.
Children to work with a friend to complete a survey comparing physical appearances.
Hair Colour, eye colour etc  - see survey sheet
Physical Development

 No PE – Nursery graduation in hall.  Send PE bags home.

Children to play parachute games outside.


Daily sound of the day. One sound a day and review previous sounds. 
Read with individual children and comment in reading diaries. This will be the last week of taking books home. 
Look at photos taken during the year. What have the children enjoyed about FS2.
Model write a letter to a new child starting school.
Children to write their own letters. Check and edit using writing stars

See writing Frame.


Daily Maths Moment
Working systematically to find different ways to total 10.
Children to record by drawing the spots on the ladybird and by writing a number sentence to find the total.

Taking it further
Ice cream problem solving.
Can children work systematically?
How do they know they have found all the combinations?


See attached sheets

Expressive arts

Children to use large photocopies of their face to change their appearance by altering eye colour/ hair colour etc.

Children to share their work as part of a class gallery.

Children to give positive comments about each others work.


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