Year Group Overviews



All who work at Dobcroft Infant school and Pre-school have an ambitious desire to ensure that the educational experience during the children’s time here is the best it can be.  The curriculum is defined as the educational programme, or what we want children to learn; what we plan and provide to help them to learn. DIS believe it’s also everything the children do, see, hear and feel, which is why our school values are also central to our curriculum. To meet the school values of developing confident and happy learners, we ensure that in addition to teaching the National Curriculum our curriculum design incorporates a range of other aspects (e.g.P4C, forest school, TASC) to ensure the fullest sense of education, specifically to meet the needs of infant and pre-school aged children.  The mental health and wellbeing of the children is at the centre of what we do and we prioritise activities and time to ensure the curriculum contributes to pupils SMSC development. We also focus on reading and phonics to encourage children to read widely and deeply.  We believe that children have an entitlement to experience the fullest curriculum possible.

The principle of this curriculum is a clear structure and sequence with the flexibility to respond to the children’s needs and interests, thus ensuring maximum engagement with clearly defined outcomes.  Wherever possible we provide practical experiences such as visits or events and first hand experiences provide contextualised learning. We value the voice of the child and build this into both lessons and wider events and structure of the school.  Speaking and listening lie at the heart of what we do.  The links below are; the key document explaining our school's curriculum intent, implementation and impact statement,  each year groups long term plans and termly knowledge organisers.

The Department for Education guidance about the school curriculum can be found at . Our curriculum is compliant with the duties outlined in the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014  making the curriculum accessible for those with disabilities or special educational needs.