We welcome all parents and carers as partners and hope that by working together we can enhance the life, opportunities and education of our pupils.
Through the year we have lots of opportunities for parents and carers to come along to the school to talk to teachers and other staff. We run workshops on curriculum topics and new initiatives so parents and carers can find out more about the kinds of learning that takes place and better support their children.
We also hold Parents' Evenings in the Autumn and Spring terms to give the opportunity to discuss progress and next steps in more depth and a Celebration Afternoon in the Summer term to review the year. Parents and carers are encouraged to come along and explore their child's work with them and to talk through any particular concerns or interests with the class teachers.
If there are ever any questions then please do get in touch with us! The beginning of the day is often not the best time for class teachers to have a chat so if you do need to talk then please do mention it to the teacher and they'll be able to find time for you after school or arrange a time that suits everyone.
All our teachers also have school email addresses and are more than happy to respond that way too.