Meta Cognition



Reflecting teaches children to learn how to accurately self assess where they are with their learning. The performance tag colours help children to express where they are and to see the progress that they have made.

Red – I don’t know anything about this and can’t do the task

Yellow – I know a little bit about this, but need help to complete the task

Green – I am confident, I can complete the task independently

Blue – I am confident enough at this to coach someone else in how to complete the task

At Dobcroft Infant school we have been using these colours to support the children's growth mindset.  We want to try to remove any negative connotations there may be to being red or yellow by explaining that we all start off red when learning something new.  This term the Year 1 children have been learning to tie their shoe-laces and the Year 2 children have been learning sign language.  They have had to keep practicing these skills, as for most of them, they are new skills to acquire. 

Children may want to say they are green or even blue to please the teacher or impress or compete with peers, which is why getting them to talk about why they are a certain colour is important. Children have become greater risk takers through the meta-cognition lessons and have been learning that; "making mistakes is how we learn."  They will continue to develop their growth mindset skills as the terms progress.