Dobcroft at Play

We are very lucky that our school is in such a beautiful setting.  We have lots of green areas, our own wood where the children take part in 'Forest School' and playground equipment that helps us to keep fit.  
There are lots of outdoor toys to use and our free time can be spent in any area of the playgrounds.  The foundation stage two children have their own play area outside class 1 but they are allowed to join the other children in the main playground if they wish to.

The area outside the year one classroom has recently been redeveloped to include improved facilities for the children in learning and in play.  The chalkboard on the wall is very popular.
There is also a covered walkway to keep the children protected from the rain and keep parents and carers dry while waiting for the children to come out.

Our children are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle, making good food choices at lunchtime, getting lots of exercise and walking or biking to school.  We have so many children coming into school on scooters and bikes that we now have a number of areas around school for children's wheels to be left until school pick up.  While they are not able to ride them in the playground during the school day, for the protection of all the other children, having these areas re-enforces our healthy living ethos.