Design and Technology

The learning within Design and Technology stimulates children’s imagination and creative thinking.  It supports pupils in becoming problem solvers, working both as individuals and as part of a team, and encouraging children’s natural inquisitive nature. By completing practical activities children can apply what they have learnt and evaluate their product. In Key Stage One children will use a range of meterials and processes to design and make structures, mechanisms and levers. Dobcroft Infant School uses TASC (Thinking Actively in a Social Contex) as a vehicle across the three years to teach Design and Technology which develops thinking skills, communicaton skills and evaluation skills. Children also have the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding in design, structures, mechanisms and a range of materials, including of food, linking with Healthy Eating and food preparation.

The key aims:  
*    To Develop skills of research, investigation and problem solving that can be used across        the curriculum.
*    To develop a positive sense of self as an active learner.
*    To develop their strengths, exploring and using the full range of their human abilities.
*    To develop skill of self assessment.

Each section represents a part of the process of planning, completion and evaluation.  
Ideas are discussed and shared and then the children set off to start their task.  The children plan their work to give themselves a framework for the task they are completing.  TASC gives children the confidence to share ideas without fear of embarrassment or getting it wrong, as well as a clear real creation, generate ideas, design for a purpose and evaluate their ideas.

This is one child's planning for the heroes and villains theme, where the children were using Design and Technology skills to make a soft toy.  
The photo of the finished article is added to compare with the drawing. There is space to look at how well it went, what we did great and what we might change.
The teaching staff help the children make notes on their work for future reference.  Reflection is a key part of the learning process.


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